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Expanesthetics Passes $2.25M Fundraising Hurdle

February 17, 2017

On its way to accelerating development of its analgesic and anesthetic programs, Expanesthetics announces the completion of an important fundraising target: $2.25M in seed funding. "This is just the start to a major multi-year campaign to bring brand new approaches to both general anesthesia and pain," said CEO Mark Holman. Holman continued, "The dozens of anesthesiologists who are participating investors in our company shows the market demand for major changes and the potential of our technology to meet that need."

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Expanesthetics Exhibits at 55th Clinical Conference in Pediatric Anesthesiology

February 6, 2017

This month, for the third year in a row, Expanesthetics is sponsoring and exhibiting at the Annual Clinical Conference in Pediatric Anesthesiology in Anaheim, California. This yearly sponsorship is an important annual tradition as Expanesthetics continues to develop relationships with the pediatric anesthesia community. Following the success of the survey conducted at the American Society of Anesthesiologists 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago (ASA), Expanesthetics is conducting a follow-on survey during this pediatric conference to explore any variations in the responses of the pediatric anesthesia community when compared to the broader anesthesia community at large. Please contact us directly if you are interested in the results of this follow-on survey, or the original survey upon which it was based.

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Expanesthetics Exhibits at American Society of Anesthesiologists 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago

October 31, 2016

Expanesthetics exhibited this month for the second time at the American Society of Anesthesiologists 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago (ASA). ASA provided the Expanesthetics team an opportunity to advance conversations with an enormous range of potential partners, including potential production, synthesis, device and distribution partners from China, South Korea, Japan, Europe and the U.S. On the convention floor this year, Expanesthetics also continued to solicit input from the anesthesiologist community on the development of a new inhalation general anesthetic through a newly designed participant survey. The survey focused on the value of improving hemodynamic stability in patients, and sought to determine the likelihood of adoption of a proposed new anesthetic. It also explored what side effects the respondent would be willing to trade off for a non-hypotensive anesthetic compared with the currently preferred agent. By the end of the conference, over 250 participants had taken the survey. Please contact us directly if you are interested in learning about the results.

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Expanesthetics Explores Developing Market Strategy at WCA in Hong Kong

August 31, 2016

Expanesthetics' CEO, Mark Holman, and COO, Shane Austin attended the 16th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists in Hong Kong this month to meet with a who's who of industry leaders interested in the development of new inhalation anesthetics for developing markets - regions that have traditionally been late adopters of new pharmaceutical products. Because a new inhalation anesthetic has not been developed in decades, the discovery that forms the heart of Expanesthetics' technology is an opportunity for the leaders in these markets to bring new and better inhalation anesthetics to these parts of the world. Expanesthetics' team capitalized on its visit to the "Pearl of the Orient" to meet with leaders from China, Japan, and Europe, among others, and laid the groundwork for far-reaching and mutually beneficial relationships.

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Expanesthetics Considers Office in Melbourne, Australia in Preparation for Clinical Trial Phase

August 12, 2016

This month, Expanesthetics' CEO, Mark Holman, and COO, Shane Austin, traveled to Melbourne, Australia to explore clinical resources and strengthen the company's network of relationships; all this to lay the groundwork for future first-in-human (FIH) clinical trials. Melbourne is a global hub of pharmaceutical clinical trials, and as the company's anesthetic and analgesic programs continue to advance, Expanesthetics is contemplating the launch of an "Asian-Pacific" office in Australia to take advantage of the vast network of resources that collaborators in that country have to offer, as well as the advantageous regulatory environment "down under." Productive meetings with Murdoch Children's Research Institute, the State Government of Victoria - Department of Economic Development and many others have given Expanesthetics many reasons to look favorably on Melbourne as the future site of such an expansion. Stay tuned for updates!

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