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Developing new inhaled general anesthetics with fewer side effects

Expanesthetics is using a groundbreaking technology to develop new inhaled anesthetics with fewer side effects. And anesthesia clinicians are powering our work — over 80 of them have collectively invested over $5 million. For a limited time, you can now join them* for less than $10,000.

Why new
inhaled agents?

Strong Demand

Our market research shows anesthesia clinicians want the kinds of agents we're developing — agents with fewer side effects.

Large Market

The general anesthetic market is about $2 billion per year, and new agents have historically achieved long exclusivity.

Global Impact

Five billion people lack access to safe surgical and anesthesia care. New agents with fewer side effects could help.

Risk Advantage

Inhaled general anesthetics are unusual in pharma — they work similarly across all of life. That may mean less translation risk.

Why Expanesthetics?

  • Exclusive technology with strong IP
  • World class team of scientists and business leaders
  • Relationships established with key industry leaders
  • Strong path to first-in-human data (M&A milestone)

"As an acute pain and regional anesthesiologist, my practice focuses on advancing clinical anesthesia. I joined the Expanesthetics team as a shareholder because I see the potential for the technology to create incredibly positive change not only for my practice, but for the practice of anesthesia around the world."

Chauncey T. Jones, MD

Anesthesiologist and Business Owner
Houston, TX

Why Invest Now?

You have a unique opportunity—the chance to invest toward the potential for pharma-level returns with less risk than a typical pharmaceutical opportunity. This advantage results from unique factors present in the business and science of inhaled anesthetics, as further described in our investment prospectus.

You can invest now with our lowest offering minimum investment ever—less than $10,000. You also receive warrants to buy more stock later at the current price. But there are only 1,600 units available to purchase. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the future of inhaled anesthetics.

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