Expanesthetics is developing new and better general anesthetics and pain-relievers.

The mission of Expanesthetics is to expand the choice of anesthetic and analgesic agents available to anesthesia clinicians as they tailor care for each patient. We believe fulfilling this mission will improve clinical care, reduce costs, and expand addressable markets.

The global leader in inhaled anesthetic innovation

Expanesthetics is the global leader in the search for new, improved inhaled general anesthetics. We are using our screening technology to transform this multi-billion dollar global market by identifying molecules that may have benefits over existing anesthetics with fewer unwanted effects.

Anesthesia providers continue to affirm the need for improvements in current anesthetic agents as demonstrated by our market research. In addition, market conditions such as changes in patient demographics, increased focus on improved surgical outcomes, and "pay-for-performance" have created ideal conditions for the development of new, improved anesthetic agents.

To our knowledge, no other company is making investments in R&D to develop the next generation of inhaled anesthetic agents.

Because the molecular mechanism of the inhaled anesthetics has been unknown, an efficient screening process for identifying new candidates has not been possible. With sevoflurane and desflurane first becoming commercially available in the 1980s and early 1990s, there have been no new molecular entities for inhaled anesthesia in over 20 years. And even these agents were discovered about a half a century ago. Expanesthetics is built on a major discovery regarding the molecular mechanism of the inhaled anesthetics that has given us a roadmap and an efficient screening process for identifying new inhaled anesthetic candidates.

As a potential added benefit of developing new anesthetic drugs to disruptively transform the anesthesia market, Expanesthetics is energized by the idea that these potential new drugs could also help alleviate suffering and promote prosperity around the world. If these new and better anesthetic drugs lower the cost to safely deliver anesthesia care, it could result in a long-term increase in surgical access for the estimated 5 billion people around the world who lack access to safe surgical and anesthesia care. That could in turn curb the $12.3 trillion productivity loss that the world is projected to suffer by 2030 due to lack of access to surgical and anesthesia care.

A new class of non-opioid pain-relievers

Expanesthetics has two lead non-opioid compounds under consideration as potential pain-relieving medications. Studies in rodents and a pilot study in horses have so far demonstrated favorable data regarding effectiveness and toxicity measures. Options remain to select a variety of formulations and delivery routes for one or more future targeted indications. The agents demonstrate physics that may allow for real-time clinical measurement of plasma concentration with a simple non-invasive device.

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