Expanesthetics is developing new and better general anesthetics and pain-relievers.

The global leader in inhaled anesthetic innovation

Modern surgery would not be possible without general anesthesia. Yet, vital as they are, all general anesthetics until now have caused many side effects that require a specialized anesthesia clinician to manage.

Expanesthetics is based on a groundbreaking scientific discovery that we are using to target new inhaled general anesthetics with fewer side effects than currently available agents.

Expanesthetics has built a global network of partners to execute our world-leading research. We have conducted R&D on four continents, and our work has attracted the attention of pioneers in drug development all over the world.

A new class of non-opiate pain-relievers

With the opioid crisis claiming far too many lives in our communities, the need for new breakthroughs in pain relief has never been clearer.

Expanesthetics discovered a class of compounds within our anesthesia program which appear to have great potential as pain relievers at low doses. More encouraging still, these drugs are truly new; they are not opiates, NSAIDs, cannabinoids, or members of any other class commonly investigated for pain relief.

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