Expanesthetics is developing new and better analgesics and general anesthetics.

About Us

We are addressing the opioid crisis in America and the vast unmet medical needs in pain management by developing a new class of pain drugs that was discovered by accident during our search for new and better general anesthetics. We are also working to reduce anesthetic costs and bring general anesthesia to the third of the world that lacks access through the development of new and better agents.

Our Pipeline

Expanesthetics Team

Expanesthetics is a preclinical-stage, technology-enabled small molecule pharmaceutical company with disruptive programs in analgesia and general anesthesia.

Featured News

Expanesthetics Spotlighted by Leading Research University

Founded in 2012, Expanesthetics is tackling one of the longest-standing scientific questions in modern medicine: How do general anesthetics work? The company's goal is to expand the choice of anesthetic agents available for clinical use in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. This story tells some of Expanesthetics' history and progress to-date.

Expanesthetics Exhibits at ASA 2016

Expanesthetics Team

Expanesthetics exhibited this month for the second time at the American Society of Anesthesiologists 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago (ASA). ASA provided the Expanesthetics team an opportunity to advance conversations with an enormous range of potential partners, including potential production, synthesis, device and distribution partners from China, South Korea, Japan, Europe and the U.S. …

Expanesthetics Passes $2.25M Fundraising Hurdle

Expanesthetics Team

On its way to accelerating development of its analgesic and anesthetic programs, Expanesthetics announces the completion of an important fundraising target: $2.25M in seed funding. "This is just the start to a major multi-year campaign to bring brand new approaches to both general anesthesia and pain," said CEO Mark Holman. …