Expanesthetics is developing new and better analgesics and general anesthetics.

Our Story

Expanesthetics is working to expand the choice of anesthetic agents available worldwide. New and better anesthetic agents may improve patient outcomes while also reducing costs. Such cost reductions could help meet demand for less expensive care in the developed world while also helping to bring general anesthetics to the third of the world that currently lacks access to basic surgical and anesthesia care. Expanesthetics is also developing a novel class of analgesics.

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Are you an Anesthesiologist?

opportunities for anesthesiologists

Since early on, anesthesiologists have played an important role at Expanesthetics. You now have an opportunity to play even more of a role in our future growth and potential.

Anesthesia 101

Expanesthetics Team

Anesthesia is a lot more complex than some people assume it to be. Learn more about how we are hoping to make a major contribution to the field.