Invest in a revolution for #GlobalSurgery

Change for the 5 billion

5 billion people around the world lack access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthesia care1. We are trying to change that by searching for the next generation of inhaled anesthetics.

New anesthetics without the side effects of today's drugs could expand access to surgery by making it faster and less expensive to train new anesthetists. Expanesthetics is using a groundbreaking scientific discovery to develop new inhaled anesthetics with fewer side effects than today’s drugs. If we are successful, we might not only transform the multibillion-dollar global market for anesthetics, we may even bring surgical and anesthesia care within reach for billions around the world.

Discover Expanesthetics

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Can I invest?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission rules under which we are operating require our investors to be "accredited." There are multiple criteria one can meet to fulfill this requirement. The most common are individuals making $200,000 or more (or couples making $300,000 or more) or individuals with a net worth of $1 million or more, excluding the value of their personal residence.

1 Meara JG et al, The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, "Global Surgery 2030: Evidence and Solutions for Achieving Health, Welfare and Economic Development." Lancet, 2015 Aug 8;386(9993):569-624.